Tips on Solving Skin Problems

Many people suffer from one type of skin disorder or another. The two most common types are eczema and psoriasis (acne is most prevalent in teenagers). I have suffered from psoriasis for over 30 years and have managed to keep it at bay with some of the tips I’m going to discuss in this article.

In skin conditions, adequate hydration is very important. Hydration is needed to aid digestion and to allow your body to sweat (one of the main pathways of detoxification). Water is also needed to help you pass stools and prevent a toxic build up in the colon. The usual recommendations of 6-8 glasses of clean water every day is a good place to start.

Food allergies are common among people who suffer from both psoriasis and eczema. The two most common ones are wheat and dairy. The protein in wheat (gluten) and the protein in milk (casein) are hard to break down and can cause intolerance to some people. These proteins can lead to skin disorders, particularly if the individual concerned has compromised digestion. So removing these types of food from the diet can often bring about an improvement in peoples skin.

Two types of herbal tea that help heal the digestive tract and therefore improve the symptoms of both of these skin conditions are slippery elm tea and American Saffron tea. These herbs are anti-inflammatory and sooth the gastro-intestinal tract which heals a leaky gut – one of the contributors to both psoriasis and also eczema. For more information about the benefits of these herbal teas visit Dr Pagano’s website.

skin disordersVitamin D is vitally important for the health of the skin and most psoriatics (myself included) will tell you that their skin improves in the Summer. Vitamin D can control the rate of skin turnover that is particularly affected in the condition of psoriasis. Along with getting safe natural amounts of sunlight I recommend taking a supplement of around 5000 IU per day all year round.

The previous tips in this article have all been internal resolutions to these skin conditions. There are topical applications that you can use to ease the symptoms of each ailment. I particularly like Virgin Coconut Oil to be rubbed onto my skin but Vitamin D lotion is also good. In terms of eczema oats are supposed to be very soothing on the skin and can be placed in a bath where the person soaks in the water for a period of time.

The tips I have shared in this article should help give you some relief (as they have me) to the two chronic skin ailments – psoriasis and eczema. They often require patience and persistence in order to pay off but are very worth it in the end.