healthy foodDiet is a huge subject area and I have spent around 20 years studying during my career as a Personal Trainer. Not only has the correct nutrition helped dozens of my clients lose weight but it has also helped me through some significant health challenges.

Personally I never bought into the whole low fat fad as from a scientific perspective is just didn’t make sense and more and more research is coming out to support this. I have had the greatest benefit personally and seen the most effect in my clients from a low carb or Caveman approach and to me is just plain makes sense. Genetically we’ve changed very little in tens of thousands of years and our ancestors didn’t survive on donuts, hamburgers and cereal bars. We’re just not designed to live on simple carbs which make up the majority of our diets. Whether you go as as extreme as Atkins or follow South Beach, perhaps you follow a Mediterranean style diet – well all of these are low carb diets of a sort and I believe are the natural and healthy way to live.

Regardless of whether you completely vegetarian, which I’m not an advocate of, the more of your diet that is made up of oily fish, green plants, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit the better you will be. You want your diet to be high in fibre. You want the Glycemic Index of the carbs you eat to be low. You want to be getting lots of healthy fats like Omega 3 oils and coconut oil which will help you stay free of heart disease.